Summary of the project results 

 "Beware of Endless Wealth; Art is Revising European Values!" 2016-1-SK01-KA219-022538

Europe is a multicultural space without frontiers in which many nations and nationalities live. Everyone is different, so everyone is looking for ways to co-operate with each other in the peace, the respect and the audacity in this space. Therefore primary schools from Turkey, Romania, Lithuania Spain and Slovakia have created an Erasmus+ KA219 Strategic Partnership Project with the title "Beware of Endless Wealth; Art is Revising European Values!". Our project is innovative and points to a progressive view of education. The main objective of the project is to promote moral values in the European Union using all the branches of Art.Art is the most common way among all the people from all over the world that touches the deepest emotions of the human beings. That's why we chosen art as a means, in our project to achieve our goal, teaching moral values in Europe. The target group were the primary school pupils of ages 12-15: pupils from the disadvantaged social environment, as well pupils motivated by the arts. The project involved five educational mobilities with pupils, one in each partner country. Our pupils have gained valuable knowledge and skills through workshops, excursions, creative interactive activities, contests, group discussions, reflections and games in developing values, because the values of people influence their future life, the relationship to people, to society and to themselves. Through art, pupils also developed ICT skills, as well as communicative skills in English language. As examples of good school practice, we bring three outputs from our international project. One of them is the song about values with the title "Values Song" consisting of five stanzas focused on friendship, empathy, tolerance, justice and respect - values forming young people in Europe. The second output of the project is the drama performance titled "Drama and Justice" which consists of five demonstrations of theatrical performances on the subject of justice. Each demonstration represents one of five countries. The teaching aid "Drama and Justice" on DVD can be a practical demonstration of interdisciplinary relationships for the English, Literature, Art, Civics teachers. The third output is the booklet titled "How to Implement Art into teaching Moral Values" in which the teachers can find ready CLIL lessons, workshops and activities with the integration of the branches of art - sculpture, painting, drama, music and dance in connection with teaching of Moral Values and English. Our pupils have gained new knowledge, experiences that will help them to develop their empathy, tolerance, consideration and in the future they will create a friendly Europe for all its inhabitants. Our pupils have learnt greater responsibility towards themselves, other people, respecting other opinions, and have gained valuable insights about other cultures and religions. After each mobility of pupils the results were disseminated among pupils, parents, neighbouring schools and wide society.The results of our project were published on social networks. It is assumed that more than six thousand people have been informed about the results of the project. The project has created the conditions for future developing friendship among all participants involved in the project, as well as prerequisites for developing tolerance, respect, empathy, justice within Europe and the world.

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