M2 Slovakia 11-14 Sep 2017

Transnational Meeting in Čadca

11.-14. September 2017

Representatives of Turkey and Lithuania visited Slovakia on the transnational meeting. With partners from Romania and Spain, who were unable to participate in the counseling, we communicated via videoconference. We have evaluated 2 pupils' mobility in Slovakia and Spain, a work plan for the next year of the project and others. We agreed on the output of our project, which will be a CD with a song about moral values, a DVD theater associated with the value of justice, and a booklet on incorporating art into the school subjects in connection with moral values ​​(friendship, empathy, tolerance, justice and respect). The three products will be distributed to surrounding schools in the region, published on social networks as examples of good practice. Our students welcomed guests with colorful programs. After the videoconference we had a short trip for our guests. (Čičmany, Rajecká Lesná, sailing on the river Váh,  Žilina).

We start preparing pupils on mobility in Lithuania. The theme will be dance in connection with tolerance.