Erasmus+ 2018-2019

Beware of Endless Wealth; Art is Revising European Values!


Our school presented the drama performance aimed at the moral value JUSTICE - the fairy tale according to the original C.Collodi's story about Pinocchio. The story about Pinocchio, has joined our children with different interests and abilities to become more friendly. Pinocchio, a wooden puppet that changed into boy is punished for his disobedience, madness and disrespect of the rules for fairness. Finally, good and justice win, so our Pinnocchio passes through the "purgatory" and realizes his incorrectness of his behaviour. The pupils with special needs were involved in the preparation and realization of the play, as well. We wanted to show teaching drama and applying cross-curricular for other school in our region. We have greeted our project friends with songs in their native languages. We have prepared many activities regarding to justice, responsibilities and needs for children, we discussed the childrens´ rights with a lawyer, made T-shirts of justice. Now we are prepared for the mobility in ROMANIA. Our local TV was invited to our school to publish "our work".

European commission in Slovakia - Erasmus+

Travelling to Lithuania

Preparation for mobility in Lithuania

SK has been preparing for short-term exchange of groups of students in Lithuania. SK project team has been doing a lot of activities regarding the moral value: TOLERANCE. Our Civics teachers prepared a presentation about tolerance, many activities, discussions & reflections,.. We prepared TOLERANCE BOX. We asked some questions, which answers are inside the box. Some questions:How can you imagine a tolerant person? Who is the most tolerant person in your family/classrom? And why? What is impossible to tolerate in your opinion? What should teachers tolerate about their students? What should students tolerate about their teachers? What differ your classmates in your class? Give some examples of being tolerant, etc....Later we will evaluate them..
Our students have started to make some pinhole photos. They ´ve tried to do a pinhole camera. This activity is going to continue until the end of November 2017. The presentation: Dance in Slovakia in PREZI programme is ready. On Monday, 13th November we are starting to prepare for DANCING, typical folk Slovak dance. We hope we can manage that. -:)

See you in LITHUANIA, dear friends. -:)

Workshop: Focus on Catalunia /music & empathy/

Slovak mobility group shared their experiences from Alcover, Spain to their classmates and schoolmates. 


Within the Erasmus + project theme ,music, moral values and empathy , our pupils prepared the programme for a special school in Ćadca for pupils with disabilities. One of the goals of the activity is friendship, which has no limits even when  handicapped people meet . To such pupils we are empathic, with such pupils we are friends and not only at our school, where they are included in common classes, but also in the mentioned school that we have visited. We are convinced that this should be in the ordinary life.

Preparation for mobility in Spain

Dear Friends. We are preparing for the 2nd Mobility in Spain. We´ve started to play a lot of games regarding to EMPATHY- Emotion Cards,Mirror , Empty Chair. We ´ve watched and discussed about the film Intouchable. Next week we are visiting Disabled Centre in our region. We organized the Empathy Day in our school.

EMPATHY DAY /13 th April2017/ - " A LIVE LIBRARY"

Within our Erasmus+Project "Beware of Wealth, Art is Revising European Values" there was "an Empathy day "in our school with the 7th graders students. The doctor Michal Paulech visited our school with his guests who spoke their life stories and we - students discussed to them. We believe the storie of the people opened our students eyes in many ways. And they have had a first-hand experiece of empathy and got to know the new, interesting people. Here are some of their feelings:

"Live library" is a project through some people speak their stories. (Aďo, 7.C class)

Frederik who came from Africa spoke about the life of emigrant and how he got to the Czech Republic. John was physically disabled, he sufferred the paralysis and he spoke about howcan people live with this kind of illness. Maroš was gay. He spoke about that how he found out that he is a gay, how he told it to his parents and was bullied at the primary school. He spoke about his opinions on another gays. Then followed the time full of questions and answers. (Lucy, 7.B class)

Frederic left his country Kongo because of the bad conditions. He was very hardworking. He started his career as a foreign languages teacher now he hs started his own business. He believes that each of the good deed will be worth it. (Lenka, 7.C class)

We should try to put ourselves in someone shoes and do not damm anyone who we do not know. If a person empathize with another person, he can understand him better. It is impossible to judge a person without knowing his personality. (Rebeka, 7:B class)

I have no problems with gays, they did nothing to me so there is no reason to denounce them. (Vanesa, 7.B class)

I have met some people who had the very sad life.John has a problem, too. He can´t walk . He has to have many rehabilitations in the hospital, he doesn´t complain about his destiny. He is very cheerful, nice young man. (Matúš, 7.C class)

Darina is a young woman who was bullied at school. I think she didn´t feel well with her classmates who mocked at her because she was a lesbian. I think nobody deserves to be bullied and feel like a looser. (Ema, 7.C class)

John with his handicap can be funny, the bad things can turn into the good things, he doesn ´t want another people regret him. (Bea, 7.C class)

We´ve tried to search a special short film in Spanish language (translated in many languages). So we found. It is really great, regarding the Spanish topic. It is worth seeing it. -J

Cuerdas" is a short film, the 2014 winner of the the Goya ® award for "the Best Spanish short film animation". It is for all ages and special interest to children. The Spanish Ministry of Culture has recommended "Cuerdas" for its educational vocation. It is a round piece of art that grows up every time that you watch it.

Natália, Zuzana, Martina, Beáta, Lucia and Adam recommend the film for the SP,LT,RO,TK Erasmus+ friends.

Spain Empathy

SK greeting for Spain

Live library - EMPATHY

Empathy games

Preparing fo Spain

Intouchables film

Intouchables - questionnairies

Intouchables - after watching film

Empathy games

Preparing for mobility in Spain

Preparing for mobility in Spain

Spain- SK preparing



Spanish song sung by Slovak partners

Empathy letters

Empathy letters

Spanish song


Traditional Children´s Day at Rázusova School in Čadca

Traditional Children´s Day at Rázusova School in Čadca. The Children introduced their favourite games and games which they played when they were little kids.The ninth class visited the first class,... We invited parents, neighbouring school to visit our whole-school activity. Parents and grandparents, of course teachers remembered their favourite games from their youth. Every pupil was happy and prefered the traditional games to PC and mobile games. Super activity.-:)

Respect to the old people - Visit in the Old People´s Home

Slovak pupils´ve shown RESPECT to the old people and wished them Happy New Year 2017 in the Old People´s Home.


Project's logo contest


Presentation of the best logos

Respect to nature

Slovakia is greeting you

The project team starts to cooperate on Erasmus+ in September 2016 

Rázusova school again in the newspaper